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Our collection VIP number:

VIP numbers Kyivstar:
(0xy) 4000000 Kyivstar
(0xy) 0000000 Kyivstar
(0xy) 5555555 Kyivstar
(0xy) 8888888 Kyivstar
(0xy) 9999999 Kyivstar
(0xy) x111111 Kyivstar
(0xy) x444444 Kyivstar
(0xy) x777777 Kyivstar
(098) x888888 Kyivstar
(0xy) 00000-77 Kyivstar
(0xy) 00-777-00 Kyivstar
VIP MTS numbers:
(0xy) 5000000 MTS
(0xy) 6666666 MTS
(0xy) 8888888 MTS
(0xy) x777777 MTS
(0xy) x888888 MTS
(0xy) x999999 MTS
(0xy) 555x555 MTS
(0hu) 5555555 MTS
VIP numbers Life:
(0xy) 0000000 Life
(0xy) 2222222 Life
(0xy) 5555555 Life
(0xy) 1234567 Life
(0xy) 7654321 Life
Twin numbers and trio numbers:
(0xy) 0000xxx Kyivstar
(0xy ) 0000xxx MTS
(0xy) 0000xxx Life

(0xy) 22222hh Kyivstar
(0xy) 22222hh MTS

(0xy) 0000xyx Kyivstar
(0xy) 0000xyx Life

In our store you can choose to buy gold numbers of a mobile operator in Ukraine: MTS, Kyivstar, Life .

We are working since 2006. We have extensive sales experience and thousands of satisfied customers, so we choose and recommend to others.

Mobile phone for the modern man plays a very important role in his life. This attribute extends the possibilities and it seems impossible to live without it. Buy a gold number can be at the mobile operator or a private collector. The operator now with this very problematic - the deficit. But a private collector is much easier to agree and there are plenty to choose from. We have a lot of worthy suggestions for the most demanding customers.

Owning, a unique number, you get more individual personality and different from his colleagues. VIP number - a trump card when establishing new business relationships. You become more noticeable.

In a beautiful number numbers are repeated, or follow one another according to some rule. For example, a beautiful number kyivstar 067xyz7777. Beautiful numbers are just perfect for the business. His presence - it is an opportunity to highlight the companys image, to attract attention in advertising and inspire confidence of partners and customers. In addition it is a wonderful business gift for a colleague or boss.

The benefits of VIP phone number: easy to remember, underlines the status, the WOW-effect (pay more attention), brings good luck.



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